Here to make your life easier.

Suplo is a technology company that empowers organisations around the globe to change their purchasing culture in a beautiful and simple way.

Our mission

We are on the mission to provide the world with simple, automated and powerful procurement management suite. In the most humanly way.

What we do?

At Suplo we build incredibly easy to use purchasing software (SaaS) for organisations. We love to see people enjoying what they do, thats why we are building simple, transparent tool which allows very easy adoption and collaboration between every single team member. Our goal is to minimise manual and tedious work by automating many aspects of procurement process. To save costs so organisations can use them on making the world a better place thorough R&D or philanthropy. We began in 2016 and pushing full power since then. We introduced many new features and improvements, gained incredible knowledge on how to improve and develop Suplo. Now we have offices in San Francisco and Vilnius and serving many clients around the world. As companies and organisations struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, Suplo provides powerful and dynamic tool to empower people to do what they love.

Our Story

It all began with a very simple idea - what if we could automate all the procurement process in the manufacturing industry? We imagined how the perfect software makes everything for us while we sip a mojito in a Caribbean Island. Or better in a sailing yacht in a Caribbean? Next day we started by drafting and sketching benefits and features, later we went to test it with multiple manufacturing companies. There was not a single doubt that we are on the right track. We realised that we created our goal - to fully automate how organisations buy things. Since then we are pushing hard to deliver new features and gadgets to our customers. To help exploit new technologies and to save huge piles of money and time. We do believe that now businesses and nonprofits around the world are witnessing fundamental change in how they procure. And we are very excited to be in that spaceship together.

In what we believe?

We as team behind Suplo do believe that technology and its adoption gap should be minimised or even eliminated (another dream). So we believe in extraordinary fast pace. Like Ferrari. 488 GTB. Just 10x faster. We believe in openness, transparency and things-should-be-done attitude. We do make mistakes, admit them and learn from them. We constantly challenge and improve Suplo and ourselves. We strive for excellent customer service and we look not how to sell something, but how to make partnership with clients. And of course most important is to have fun, mutual trust and respect.